Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fwd: Inland Empire Woman Solution for Social Injustice

: Inland Empire Woman Solution for Social Injustice

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 100,000 African American Women Praying for Black Men Set


    The notorious shooting deaths of two black teens this year has prompted female religious leaders in the black community to launch a campaign for justice and divine intervention.

            Organizers of "100,000 Praying African American Women" announced an initial June 26 gathering at the Rose Bowl from 6 to 8 p.m., which is spearheaded by an Inland Empire resident

            "For too long we have sat idly by and wrung our hands in despair," but no more, said the Rev. Elizabeth Dowdy of Apple Valley, who is spearheading the campaign.

   The open season on African American men must and will end, according to Rev. Dowdy; not by retaliation with weapons of guns, but with an assault of prayer.

            Everyone is invited to join the assembly as it is opened to all races and men, but focuses on black women.

"We are the women who birth the men! They are our dads, brothers cousins, nephews," said Dowdy.

Additional information is available on Facebook at 100,000 Praying African American Women or by contacting Dowdy toll free at (888) 987-5577 or by email