Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fwd: Time Sensitive - Notice to Vendors and Contractors

Time Sensitive - Notice to Vendors and Contractors

The County of San Bernardino (County) recently implemented an electronic procurement system referred to as "ePro". In order to do business with the County, you are required to register online at https://epro.sbcounty.gov/epro/

All communication with vendors will be managed electronically through email. Bid notifications will also be issued electronically, in addition to any other legal requirements.

ePro offers efficiency and cost savings by enabling vendors to, submit bids and proposals electronically, retrieve and adjust bids online until the submittal deadline, reduce labor related to preparing bids, save on printing and delivery costs, receive electronic purchase orders, participate in more bidding opportunities, reduce costs for marketing and sales, and benefit from shorter processing time.

Many bids will require remittance of a contract transaction charge (CTC) from vendors, initially one percent (1%), to offset system costs related to implementation, system support and maintenance, enhancements, and vendor help desk. CTC is not an added vendor cost. It is embedded in the competitive unit cost bid by vendors and paid by the County. It applies only when a vendor has obtained business from the County. There is no charge to register in ePro and the CTC applicability is indicated at the time of invitation to bid/solicitation. Although there is no obligation on the part of a vendor to respond to any solicitation, electronic systems are proven to provide cost savings to both the agency and vendor community.

More information about CTC and other ePro attributes are available during the registration process. To begin registration, you will need:

1) Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number

2) Legal Company/Vendor Name and Address

3) Company email address (all correspondence and notifications will be handled electronically)

You can update your registration at any time to change or add information. All required data fields must be acknowledged in order to complete registration. Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email confirmation of your account activation.