Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What I've learned in PR - bad things happen at work

Crisis Communications – bad things happen at work

What would you do if someone in your employment were killed at work? What if there a fire?  What would you do if an employee were arrested at work for a work-related crime?  What would you do if a competitor lied about you and it led the local news?   Who do you call first your lawyer or your Public Relations team?

Be ready for a communications crisis before it happens.  Call Dameron Communications at (909) 534-9500.  We will use our 30 plus years of national and local media experience to create an effective crisis communications plan for your business. 

If a communications crisis does happen, the Dameron Communications team will present the correct messages for your staff, vendors, customers and to speak to the media so that you can survive and thrive.

Call Carl Dameron at (909) 909-534-9500 to set up an appointment to create your crisis communications strategy. 

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