Friday, October 3, 2008

Taste of Korea celebrates rich history

Han Bok-Ryeo is a highly renowned chef in South Korea, and an important link to the country's rich culinary history.

(SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) The Taste of Korea event the Korean Agro-Trade Center brings to downtown San Bernardino’s Court Street Square on Saturday is a celebration of history dating back more than 4,000 years.

“Today is Korea’s founding day,” said Sihwan Lee, assistant manager of the Korean Agro-Trade Center on Friday. “We have been celebrating all week and it will end with the Taste of Korea in San Bernardino.”

This year is also the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Korea, also known as South Korea. This nation formed on Aug. 15, 1948.

South Korea celebrates the founding of historic Korea 4,341 years ago. National Foundation Day, known in Korea as Gaechon-Jeol or “The Opening of Sky/Heavan: has been celebrated annually on Oct. 3 for most of the past 100 years.

Back in 2333 B.C., on about Oct. 3,. Dangun Wanggeom founded Gojoseon, the first kingdom of Korea. To this day Dangum Wanggeom is recognized as the founder of Korea.

And no sooner than Dangun Wanggeom became the first king of Korea, he had royal chefs to prepare his meals. That lasted all the way through the Joseon Dynasty and the rule of King Sunjong, Korea’s last king.

Han Bok-Ryeo is coming to San Bernardino to cook a meal that would have been fit for Dangun Wanggeom, King Sunjong or any of the kings in between. This highly-renowned Korean chef, the president of the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine, had a direct link to one of the last Korean royal chefs.

That chef was Hee-Sun Han, who began working in the Korean Royal Court in 1904, when she was 13 years old. In 1942, Hee-Sun Han was still cooking for Queen Yunbi and other members of the last royal family, and befriended a young professor, Hae-Seong Hwang.

Through this friendship Hae-Seong Hwang learned about and documented many of the Korean Royal Cuisine recipes and began writing a book about them.

In the mid 20th-Century, the Korean government also developed an interest in preserving Korean tradition, and declared many aspects of it to be “intangible cultural assets.”

In 1971, after much lobbying by Hae-seong Hwang, the government added Korean Royal Cuisine to the list of “intangible cultural assets.” As the last surviving gungnyeo (royal chef), Hee-Sun Han was the only person with first-hand knowledge of the Korean Royal Cuisine. Thus the Korean government declared her to be the first-generation skill holder, which was in and of itself a special honor.

That same year, Hae-seong Hwang founded the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine, which trains professional chefs in the art of preparing this cuisine and works to promote it worldwide through education and exhibits. One of its early graduates, training there while Hee-Sun Han was still alive, is current president Han Bok-ryeo.

Hae-seong Hwang, now 88 years old, is herself recognized as an “intangible cultural asset,” for her role in preserving the Korean Royal Cuisine, according to the Institute’s Website. Her protégée Han Bok-ryeo will inherit this title from Hae-seong Hwang upon her death.

“Han Bok-Ryeo keeps alive a rich history the Koreans are celebrating this week,” Sihwan Lee said. “We are thrilled to have such an important link to Korea’s past join us in the Taste of Korea celebration.”

The Korea Agro-Trade Center is an agency of the Korean government and its purpose is to promote Korean agriculture. It has done this by holding cooking festivals in the Los Angeles area, but this is its first time the Taste of Korea will be held in the Inland Empire.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Meet Candidates at Legislative Summit

(SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) The Inland Empire Culture Alliance and Arrowhead Credit Union will host a legislative summit Thursday Oct. 23 at California State University, San Bernardino.

This summit, which will take place from 6 p.m. to about 8 p.m. in the Lower Commons, Pine Room, is an opportunity to meet candidates from Riverside and San Bernardino Counties who are running for office at all levels from local school boards to United States Congress.

“The Inland Empire Cultural Alliance is an informal alliance of the ethnic Chambers of Commerce throughout the Inland Empire,“ said Dolores Armstead, vice president of the Inland Empire African-American Chamber of Commerce. “We have formed the Alliance to provide a format for our communities to meet their future legislators and to be heard.”

All candidates who appear on ballots in San Bernardino or Riverside counties have been invited. They will provide campaign materials and answer questions in a one-on-one setting with constituents.

The Alliance will provide refreshments. For more information, call (909) 888-5223 or email


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free Art Classes, Drawing Dreams

(SAN BERNADINO, Calif.) Being able to draw a live human model is an important skill for any artist, however, not all artists have the chance to practice this type of drawing.

In the spirit of leading by example, the Art Institute of California –Inland Empire is hosting an artists’ workshop on Saturday, Oct. 18, from 1-5 p.m.

This workshop gives local artists a chance to try their hand at life drawing and will be held at the Art Institute of California-Inland Empire free charge to the public.

“Many artists are greatly creative but lack focus,” Santosh Oommen, Academic Director of Media Arts & Animation. “Our goal is to help make better artists. Offering workshops give these artists a chance to focus their raw creative talent.”

Life Drawing workshops are usually offered on the third Saturday of every month. There are 21 seats available for each class. The workshop is open to the public; the only requirement is that you are 15 years old or above and that you bring your own pencils and drawing paper.

“Our commitment is to helping artist in the Inland Empire improve their talents. This workshop, for artists as young as 15 years old, will help them to further their development of with the skills they need.” Said Oommen, academic director of media artist animation of The Art Institute of California – Inland Empire.

The workshop involves drawing from a live figure and covers topics such as anatomy and gestures. To sign up for the Life Drawing workshop, or for more information, call The Art Institute of California – Inland Empire at (909) 915-2100.


The Art Institute of California – Inland Empire is one of The Art Institutes (, with more than 40 educational institutions located throughout North America, providing an important source of design, media arts, fashion and culinary arts professionals.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dameron Communications Has Moved

Dameron Communications has moved to the third floor of 255 N. D Street.

(SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) Dameron Communications has moved to a new suite within the offices of 255 N. D Street, San Bernardino.

This move from Suite 210 to Suite 303 became necessary when Luxor Properties Inc., the new owner of the 255 N. D Street building, leased most of the second floor to the San Bernardino County Public Defenders’ Office. This required all but a few tenants on the floor to relocate their offices.

Luxor Properties Inc. was able to offer Dameron Communications great incentives on another suite within the same building. This not only allowed Dameron Communications a much easier move than if it had to relocate to another office building, it also gave the agency the added benefit of more space.

The new office is about 2,200 square feet, approximately 1,000 square feet larger than the old office.

“Since Dameron Communications expanded its staff a few months ago, we needed more space,” said Carl Dameron, founder and creative director. “We therefore were pleased to work with Luxor Properties to bring in the Public Defenders’ Office, which we know will be a good neighbor for all of the businesses at 255 N. D Street.”

About Dameron Communications
Since 1989 Dameron communications has creatively met the needs of our diverse client base locally, regionally and nationally. We are an award-winning agency that creates integrated marketing solutions to increase sales and profits, win elections, inform the public or gain acceptance of potentially controversial issues. We use our communications knowledge and experience to advance our clients’ objectives.