Wednesday, February 20, 2008


(SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) “Until I found here,” says internationally renown painter Renzo, “I used to have to find models in Los Angeles or San Diego, but they were always reluctant to come as far as Perris, where my studio is. I can tell you, I’m really thankful for in the Inland Empire. It’s a godsend. Otherwise, if you’re not working in a metropolitan area you’re out of luck.”, a creation of longtime Inland Empire PR/advertising leader Carl Dameron, has more than 100 male and female models, all sizes, shapes and ages, ready to appear at business events, fashion shows, photo shoots – and as artist models.

Renzo, with nearly 40 years of professional experience behind his brush, is represented by and is in a dozen galleries from Chicago and New Orleans to Texas and Key West to Germany and Mexico to York, England and Kush Gallery in Laguna Beach and Madison Gallery in LaJolla. His work is included in the permanent collections at San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum and the Crocker Museum in Sacramento. “Last year, too, I was featured in New York’s annual Art Expo. It’s one of the world’s largest trade shows where gallery owners come from around the world. It was a very successful event for me.”

His acrylic paintings vary from 30 inches by 30 inches to 8 feet by 5 feet, and utilize an almost watercolor technique of applying pigment layer upon layer, often creating a delicate, almost airbrush, quality to what’s been called his “composites, ranging from abstract expressionism to figurative.” It’s this latter style where Carrie Eckert and Jennifer Amorelli of come in.

“They were terrific models,” Renzo explains. “They were professional and very comfortable with what I asked them to do. Jennifer was a real dream to work with and yielded a ton of work. And at this point you can see Carrie in my painting ‘Another Path’ online at”

Carrie explains, “He was fabulous to work with. I spent three hours with him, and he was totally accommodating and very patient. I would certainly work with him again.”

Jennifer has similar feelings. “Renzo was awesome. It was a completely comfortable experience. And a big honor, posing for such a well known artist. I’ll go down in art history now. He encouraged me to do my own posing, too. I like doing my own thing. He might ask me to more an arm slightly, but otherwise, it was up to me.”

Renzo spends hour upon hour on his paintings, so the most practical way for him and the models to work is by him taking photos in their various poses. “That way, they don’t have to hold a pose for most of a day,” he says. “It’s more time and cost effective.”

Renzo’s background includes years in commercial art arenas as an illustrator, an art director, a graphic designer and an instructor and career development administrator with The Art Institute of California – San Diego.

He has just completed a session with models Jim and Shasta from “I’ll be using them together in a piece. They’re both quite experienced and very fluid in their posing. Couldn’t be better.” supplies models of all ages, sexes and sizes for promotions, modeling and print ads. Actors are in demand, too, and your age, your gender, your race or your size doesn’t matter. Parents or guardians must approve of, and accompany, members under 18. For details, call (909) 888-0017 or go online to


Photo caption 1: Renzo’s images are opaque with transparent overlays to form composites, ranging from the figurative to abstract expressionism. In his 39 years of painting, Renzo has experimented with a variety of techniques and styles. He has always use of water paints, because of his connection with their unique qualities on the canvas. Building layer upon layer in a process of construction and illustrated depth, Renzo depicts metaphors and variables on relationships, spirituality, intent, and even tribal similes. His practice of alchemy, use brush strokes and habit of scratching at the surface of the canvas to produce a primal nature to these imaginary vehicles help to convey an ever illusive inspiration through each painting.

Photo caption 2: Another Path Renzo's vision painted from Carrie Eckert's day of modeling. Carrie is IE model supplied by

Photo caption 3: Auburn haired Carrie Eckert is one of more than 100 local IE model available at

Photo caption 4: Bikini clad Jennifer Amorelli posed for a day with local painter Renzo. Here work is still in process. She looks soft but she is a model and a boxer. Jennifer is just one of more than 100 local IE model available at